Book Reviews

F. Duncan M. Haldane

Professor of Physics, Princeton University
2016 Nobel Prize in Physics

“I really enjoyed the Demon adventures of Max! Max the Demon gives a good introduction to central ideas of entropy and energy and is educational, as well as being fun. With a modern take on information and entropy, it will inspire school students and help them understand basic science in a fun way, but without sacrificing accuracy and correct science in the explanations! A really cool book!”

Mario Livio

Best-selling author: "Brilliant Blunders", "The Golden Ratio"

“Entropy is a measure of disorder. It’s one of those things that affects everything from the emergence of life to the cosmic expansion. I can think of no better way to introduce this concept to a non-professional, but curious audience, than this witty, entertaining book.”

Michael B. Green

Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge University
Pioneer of String Theory

"[This book] explains sophisticated ideas of central importance in physics and engineering as a most imaginative story, presented in the form of a beautifully-produced, colorful comic strip. … The format and the style of presentation would appeal to the general public who are interested in popular (i.e. non-technical) expositions of deep scientific issues. Not only is the presentation of the ideas most imaginative, but the visual presentation is also exceptional. The pictures are beautifully drawn in vivid color and complement the written material perfectly. In summary, this is a most impressive book that pioneers a style of presentation that makes sophisticated ideas in physics accessible to a wide audience in the form of an entertaining and beautifully illustrated story."