Max the Demon vs Entropy of Doom

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I really enjoyed the demon adventures of Max! A good introduction to the central ideas of entropy and energy, without sacrificing accuracy. It will inspire school students and help them understand basic science in a fun way. A really cool book!

F. Duncan M. Haldane, 2016 Physics Nobel Laureate, Princeton University

Entropy is a measure of disorder that affects everything from the emergence of life to the cosmic expansion. I can think of no better way to introduce this concept to a non-professional, but curious audience, than this witty, entertaining book.” 

Mario Livio, Astrophysicist and Author of Brilliant Blunders, The Golden Ratio, Is God a Mathematician

A most impressive book that pioneers a style of presentation that makes sophisticated ideas in physics accessible to a wide audience in the form of an entertaining and beautifully illustrated story.

Michael B. Green, Pioneer of String Theory, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge University

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