A Look Inside

The Story

Maxwell’s Demon was the brainchild of the 19th century physicist, James Clerk Maxwell. This imaginary creature could reduce Entropy, which would help solve Earth's problems.

In our story, Max is sent as a nerdy superhero from outer space to join Julie Calore, his enthusiastic earthling counterpart. Max (and you) rapidly learn the basic laws of energy and heat through humorous encounters with three great historical physicists: Rumford, Carnot, and Boltzmann.

Max and Julie succeed in generating unlimited, free electricity. But their plans are foiled by Max's commander, Sir Bio, and by treacherous adversaries. There are funny moments, suspense, and near catastrophe.

Keeping within the constraints of the laws of physics: Can Max succeed in his mission?

This is a deep question, which baffled physicists for a long time.

You will find out the answer after Richard Feynman explains to Max the fundamental connection between Entropy and Information. The story ends with a surprising and thought-provoking conclusion.

The Cast of Characters

Max the Demon and Julie Calore
Max the Demon and Julie Calore
Count Rumford and Sadi Carnot
Ludwig Boltzmann and Richard Feynman
Johnny Shtark and Professor Canonical
Sir Bio and Blob