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Assa Auerbach

Assa Auerbach, author, was a radio operator on merchant ships in the 1970’s and a graduate student at SUNY Stony Brook, NY, during the 1980’s, where he met and married fellow physics student, Maggie. He is now a Professor of Physics at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Assa researches the theory of condensed matter and is fascinated by superconductivity. He authored “Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism”, which is widely used in physics graduate courses. Assa has talked about thermodynamics to schoolchildren at Aspen Center for Physics and in outreach events around the world.

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Richard Codor

Richard Codor, illustrator, makes a living drawing humorously. For many years, he was editorial cartoonist for Crain’s NY Business and the NY Observer. His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications in the U.S. and abroad. His work is featured in the The Big Book of Jewish Humor and the Israeli social satire classic, Zoo Eretz Zoo. As a story artist, Richard contributed to TV shows and movies, such as “Doug”, “Lizzy McGuire”, and “Robots”. Richard, with his wife Liora, created, wrote, illustrated, and published the perennial best-selling cartoon Joyous Haggadah. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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Larry Hama

Larry Hama, editor, is a writer/artist/editor/actor who is best known as the writer of Marvel’s “GI Joe” and “Wolverine” comics in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and as the creator and writer of Bucky O'Hare. He has also written, edited, or drawn for Avengers, Conan, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Venom, Spider-Man, and dozens more. He currently writes GI Joe ARAH for IDW and does layouts for Deathstroke @ DC.

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Prentis Rollins

Prentis Rollins, colorist, is a veteran of the American comics industry. He's inked scores of issues for DC Comics (including “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and “JLA: Incarnations”). He's the author of “How to Draw Sci-fi Utopias and Dystopia”. (The Monacelli Press, 2016), and the forthcoming graphic novel, “The Furnace” (Tor Books, 2018). He met Rich Codor while working on Disney television animation in the late 1990s. He lives in London with his wife and three kids. He has an MA in philosophy -- big fat load of good *that* did him.

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